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Teen Titans: Newbie Pt 2 of 9
Entry #2
Location: Paris, France
Age: 17
Occupation: Shadow Fighter
I know, I have not written in here for a month, but it has been very busy for me. The Teen Titans are "throwing a party" as they say it. Sister wishes for me to go since I have been avoiding them for a while now. To be honest, I a, not the "party person" as the green boy has said. Our guardian, Loren Jupiter, is trying to convince me on going for my "twin sister's sake" as he put it. But I will not go to the party at all. Sister knows this very well.
I believe (very strongly) that a party is not a good place for a girl. Especially since we are in the minority in this situation. Uh-oh, flame one is coming this way. I have to go. I am so sorry about this.
               - Phantom
:icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 0 0
Teen Titans: Newbie Pt 1 of 9
Entry #1
Location: Paris, France
Date: January 1st, 2016
Age: 17
Occupation: shadow fighter
Being in the Titans is different for me and my sister (Ghost). We are so use to being in the shadows and fighting in the dark. Sister is excited for the change of pace. But me, personally, it will be a while for it to take effect on me. I never bothered on talking to the others. The yellow one and I are alright (hopefully sister does not read this). She believes that I have a crush on him, but she is wrong.
I have a crush on the Moroccan named Hotspot (I believe). He is a kind man in my opinion. The yellow one knows about this and tries to talk to him. But I am too shy to talk to him. And the other Titans want to try and make me do things that I do not like. Being picked on and hurt in the past is something that I do not want to share with anyone. Even the yellow one.
Crap, yellow one is coming. I have to go. Until next time my friend.
:icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 1 0
Catch Me If You Can
I am old, but not that old,
I am clever, and manipulative,
I can harness bright lights,
Not from storms nor fire,
Blend in the crowd, I do,
But stand out, I can,
Hidden in in the dark,
But also hidden in the light,
Away from view and enhanced senses,
But can be heard and seen by a
different voice and name.
Who am I?
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Casper by GoinUndercover Casper :icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 0 0 Phong by GoinUndercover Phong :icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 1 0 Phase by GoinUndercover Phase :icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 2 0 Vampire of Gotham City by GoinUndercover Vampire of Gotham City :icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 0 0 Scat by GoinUndercover Scat :icongoinundercover:GoinUndercover 2 0


Percy Jackson Blank Character profile
Full Name:
Meaning of name:
Date of birth:
Zodiac sign:
Blood Type:
Birthplace: Where were they born?
Current Residence: Where do they live now?
Places they lived:
Physical Features:
Apperence: Including body type, clothing, physical features, ect. At lest 1-2 paragraphs.
Distinguishing features:Scars, Tattoos, birthmarks ect.
Favouite colour(s):
Least Favouite colour(s):
Favouite food(s):
Least Favouite Food(s):
Favoute Type(s) of music:
Least Favouite type(s) of music:
Favouite Band(s)/Singer(s):
Least Favouite Band(s)/Singer(s):
Personality: What makes them them? At lest 1-2 paragraphs
Step-parents: (If they have any)
Other notable relatives:
Past Relationships:
Traits: both the good and the bad.
Fears: what are they scared of ?
Notable favouites:
Favouite Camp activity:
Least Favouite Camp Activity:
Favouite Weapon: the wepon they like most/uses
:iconcrazyxbleachxfan:CRAZYxBLEACHxFAN 125 19
Sweet Dreams Winchester - Dean-x-female!reader.
You had came back from a bloody hunt with Sam, you appreciated him being with you as you both dealed with the demons of the past but it wasn't the same without Dean. You hadn't seen Dean all day, you weren't worried as such, Dean was a grown man, he was a great friend. Probably more than that if you wasn't so awkward whenever you saw him. Sam had saved you from close encounters that day and you thanked him greatfully.
You were never going to be as professional as Sam and Dean were at hunting but along the way, Dean had helped you and trained you up a little as your skills- at first- were a little rough on the edges. He seemed impressed after the first few sessions he had with you, that's when you began to like him. You had hoped your feelings weren't comp
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 124 24
Mature content
Interrogation (Thranduil x Reader oneshot) :iconalpanu:Alpanu 63 22
Abandonment (Gabriel x angel reader)
(Y/N) sat in her chamber at the ornate Victorian style desk staring into the mirror upon the vanity as pain filled her (eye colour) eyes. After a few moments suddenly her door was forced open with a slamming sound that radiated through the halls of heaven causing (Y/N) to jump. Upon spinning around (Y/N) found Michael standing in her doorway with an intense despicable grin across his features, slowly he walked passed the threshold of the room while pulling the door closed behind him.
“Michael, you startled me,” (Y/N) exclaimed as he stepped into the room
“My apologies,” Michael calmly stated now crossing the room towards (Y/N) who’d turned back around towards the mirror.
“Can I do something for you?” (Y/N) asked as Michael came right up behind her with one hand coming up to caress over her shoulder.
“Perhaps...are you thinking of Gabriel?” Michael inquired in a hushed tone right in (Y/N)’s ear
“How could he just leave? H
:icondrade666:drade666 27 9
Teen Titans... Reversed? Chap3
Chapter 3...
Brothers/The Games...
A boy float's out in space a small smirk on his face as he float's. He look's down on a small blue planet and put his hand out and grasp's his hand making it seem like he has taken hold of the planet. "Such a tiny place... Eh little brother..." The person say's and let's out a dark chuckle as he right's himself. The world is now revealed as the Earth itself. The boy's dark blue yet glowing eye's narrow for a second as a grin come's to his face. "Let the game's... Begin..." He muttered then flew down to the Earth smirk widening as he went...
Meanwhile on the earth itself several people are at the waterfront ware a carnival is stationed, firework's are exploding in the sky lighting it in a malestrom of color's. Two particular person's were on a fariss wheel, them being
:icon26lordpain:26LordPain 19 35
Teen Titans: New Tamaran - Chapter 28
Seconds after the world saw the Joker's last horrible deed, LexCorp Metropolis Headquarters went into the most extreme security protocols. Security guards rushed to put on their finest armor and strongest weapons, while every section was put into immediate lockdown, and every window was reinforced with a defensive electric field except for the one into Mercy Graves's office.
Not long after, Supergirl flew in with her entourage that included Bumblebee, Argent, and Herald. "Where is Luthor?" she angrily demanded.
"LexCorp is innocent!" Mercy claimed.
"Answer the question!"
"No, just look, here's the security footage from 2:36 this morning!"
Mercy turned her computer screen to show Gizmo emerging from a restroom while wearing a Mirror Gun on his wrest. After bypassing numerous security systems, he succeeded in stealing one of the prototype force field vests
"Security immediately realized the theft while it was in progress, but the thief was too quick! We had no idea he was using Mirror Ma
:iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 2 0
Mature content
Star Wars Genderbend: Jabba's Palace :iconpornwriter:pornwriter 17 4
General Hux x Reader (pt. 1)
You woke up at 4am like you did every morning. Your routine was to shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and suit up in your standard issued Stormtrooper armor and black suit. You ate a short breakfast with your fellow workers and listened to General Hux list off the goals for today.
You quickly finished your oatmeal, put on your helmet, and headed towards the aircraft hangar. Today was going to be your first day out in combat instead of just training all day with the other younger members. You and several other new Stormtroopers were mixed in along with the well seasoned workers to ensure that you would not mess up this mission. After all you were supposed to be finding a Rebel Fighter Pilot.
You were not given much information about your target other than what he looked like and to bring him back alive for Kylo Ren to interrogate him. You readied your weapon as your ship's hatch opened, giving you a view of the barren wasteland planet known as Jakku. You followed in line, running
:icongordipordi:GordiPordi 36 9
Captain Rex (Clone Wars) X Reader (Pranks)
"Commander_______! Have you seen my helmet?" Rex inquired as he stepped into your room. You lazily put down the book you were reading and responded, "No, but perhaps you should check the armor room,Rex."
"I already have Commander_______. I've not seen any trace of it." he said depressingly.
"Then maybe you should look harder, Rex. It's most likely just a big mistake. I'll come and help you look."
"No, Commander! I couldn't possibly disturb you-"
"Rex, I WANT to come! End of story.  Now, let's go and get this sorted out." you said as you got up from your bed and swiftly went down the hall with Rex .
*******SHORT TIME SKIP*******
As you got to the armor room, you noticed Echo running towards the two of you. He respectfully saluted you and Rex before reporting, "Captain, we have located your helmet. If you'll please come with me." he asked before going into the armor room.
"Well ,where is it?" Rex asked as he looked about the room. The clones armor as in their usual places, except fo
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 145 31
Love Your Plushies (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
There’s nothing quite like having a plushie, a huggable version, of one of your favorite characters. For you it happened to be Obi-Wan Kenobi and finding something of him that wasn’t made out of plastic was a mission of its own. Sure you have other plushies and toys, but this was different. This was an adorable Obi-Wan that wouldn’t break if you hugged too tight nor if he fell on the floor. Plus he’s Obi-Wan and you loved it just for that.
After a long day of packing and setting up a schedule for leaving for the much awaited family vacation, you were tired. All you wanted was to snuggle under the covers of your bed and fall asleep with your beloved Obi plush. Yet mother nature and her weather had other plans.
You growled as the rain outside pelted against the window.
It was already two in the morning and storm outside demanded to be heard.
Currently, you were hidden underneath your covers and a pile of pillows over your head to block out the noise. All the while
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 101 27
WE TOTALLY SHIP IT!!!!!! Obi-Wan x Reader
    It had been after a mission. A mission that you wished wasn't assigned to your group. Obi-Wan had been questioning you the whole entire way back to Coresant. You still hadn't answered the question and frankly, you didn't want to. And so he repeated the question again ,"______, tell me the truth." You just turned your head away and didn't answer his question.
    (Your Thoughts) Why cant I just tell him. Why cant I tell him about how much I think about him. About how I blush when he smiles at me. How I so easily go off and day dream about him when he talks to me. How I get a warm feeling whenever he places his hands over mine, on the lightsaber, when he is trying to teach me the proper stance for holding a lightsaber. Why cant I tell him that I'm in love with him...
    You stood up as the ship stopped on Coresant. You got off and quickly ran to you and your roommates' room. Megan and Rachel, your roommates/best friends, fallowed you. "Hey, Wait up!" Me
:iconartemisfoster:ArtemisFoster 115 15
Rise of the Guardians OC Template
Information of Character
Name (first, last):
Birthday (if known):
Sexual Orientation:
About Him/Her
Represent a Holiday? (If so which one):
Represent a Season? (If so which one):
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Life Story:
Family and Friends
Parents (if known):
Best Friends:
Pets/Workers (ex: Santa has elves/yetis):
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks:
Blood Type:
Hair Style:
Appearance (picture or not):
Favorite Season:
Favorite Time of Day:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Color:
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 330 215
OC Template: Teen Titans
Also Known As:
Blood Type:
Astrological Sign:
Sexual Orientation:
About Him/Her
Cup Size:
Skin Tone:
Eye Color:
Hair Description:
- Color:
- Highlights:
- Length:
- Style:
- Worn:
- Scars:
- Piercings:
- Tattoos:
- Facial Features:
- Scent:
- Other:
- Undershirt:
- Body Suit/Leotard:
- Dress:
- Shirt:
- Jacket:
- Cloak:
- Pants:
- Shorts:
- Skirt:
- Stockings:
:iconpunkprincess9493:PunkPrincess9493 407 152
Written Character Application
Written Character Application
Other Names/Nick Names:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Appearance (may link to a  picture):
Other Accessories/Markings:
:icontwily2here:twily2here 45 12



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S.Korea: huimang-eul pogihaji mala. (Don’t give up hope)
Mexico: De Verdad? (Really) 😑

#worldcup #worldcup2018 #fifa #fifaworldcup

Filename by GoinUndercover
Nigeria and Argentina game: Alright.
Croatia and Iceland game: Oh come on Iceland. You guys had better games than this.

Filename by GoinUndercover
Come on Morocco. Seriously you guys do way better than that.:…
Come on Morocco. Seriously you guys do way better than that.:…


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